Trust: the cornerstone of great customer service

Trust is the cornerstone of great customer service which is critical for satisfaction and loyalty within the retail industry. This article addresses the importance of trust within customer service with regards to the trend of using chatbots to streamline customer contact. We have discussed chatbots in previous blog posts. Chatbots put the customer in control, […]

How to maintain quality of service with an increasingly impatient customer base

According to a survey by Deloitte ‘Mobile Consumer Survey 2018: The UK cut’ 87% of respondents claim to own or have access to a smartphone with 95% stating they use them on a daily basis. Smartphone capabilities are continuing to increase and will for the foreseeable future. The prolific use of mobile devices has made […]

What are the key ingredients to a personalised customer contact strategy?

There is no longer a ‘one size fits all’ strategy to marketing and personalization. Each retailer is unique and must mould their strategies depending on their audience. Personalisation is not just about the initial point of contact. In an increasingly socialised economy, organisations need to get to know their customers and find new ways to […]

How can the contact centre be leveraged to drive customer loyalty?

According to Consumer Brand Builders customer service is one of seven factors that have an impact on loyalty, meaning your contact centre has a genuine opportunity to delight your customers and strongly impact their loyalty. Much more than a function for dealing with complaints and queries, the contact centre should be seen as a source […]

Double Celebrations at Echo-U South

Here at Echo-U, we are excited to announce that our Bournemouth office has recently started working with life and pensions provider LV=. A unanimous decision was made to bring us on board after we demonstrated that we were able to provide everything that LV= was looking for, with the added bonus of Echo-U South being […]

Echo-U to Recruit 250 Members of Staff for Busy Festive Period

Christmas is a busy time here at Echo-U so this year we’ll be bringing 250 jobs to our contact centres in the North East and South West of England. Ideal for those looking for extra cash over the festive period, 200 seasonal positions will be available at our Newcastle head office and 50 seasonal positions […]

Echo-U Supports Wallsend Boys Club For Third Consecutive Year

We are thrilled to announce that we will be supporting world-renowned football club, Wallsend Boys Club, for the third year running this season as a corporate sponsorship partner. With our shared heritage in the North East and a belief that sport, health and wellbeing are vital for communities, Echo-U is committed to continue our support […]

The Changing Landscape of UK Retail – How is Consumer Preference Shaping the Industry?

We have the privilege of talking to millions of UK consumers every year on behalf of our clients and it’s clear that their changing shopping habits and preferences are fundamentally changing the landscape of the UK retail industry. Reviewing your customer service strategy should therefore be a priority for your business, to keep up-to-date with […]

The Art of Conversation: 7 Top Tips for a Solid Customer Service Strategy

We have had the privilege of talking to millions of customers on behalf of some of the UK’s best known brands for over 17 years. Delivering the very best customer experience as part of a comprehensive customer service strategy is an art and the art of conversation is our philosophy. It takes the right blend […]