What Is Customer Service Outsourcing And What Benefits Can It Bring To Your Business?

As an established customer service outsourcing provider, Echo-U is frequently asked “What is outsourcing?” Well, it’s quite simply the process of partnering with another company to handle business activities for you. It has become an increasingly common business practice that allows a company to gain services and skills that would normally be costly or difficult […]

How Will GDPR Improve The Customer Experience For Consumers?

On May 25th 2018, the new European privacy regulation called The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect. The impact of GDPR will affect every company that handles customer information because the internet has profoundly changed the way we communicate both personally and professionally. We pay bills, we send emails, we buy goods […]

5 Customer Experience Industry Predictions For 2018 – Echo-U

Woman using her mobile phone

1. Yep you’ve guessed it, Brexit is driving consolidation in our industry too In our recent conversations with industry leading companies we’re hearing that many of them with a European presence are reviewing the impacts of Brexit and their profitability post 2020. As a result they are planning a more efficient consumer experience by consolidating […]