There is a much higher uptake in campaigns handled by Echo-U than those using other methods

Robert De La Yesa

Conversion Manager, Coral Interactive (Gibraltar) Ltd

Enhancing business performance throughout the entire customer journey

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We’ve been working successfully in partnership with Coral for many years. We now interact with every customer on behalf of Coral through the entire customer journey.

This begins for us during the customer registration phase, where we launch a live-chat pop-up campaign to assist the customer to successfully register. This process helps to reduce the number of suspended registrations, ensures the marketing budget is maximised, heightens the customers brand awareness and delivers a significant return on investment.

We also provide outbound campaigns to convert ‘registered no bet’ customers and welcome new customers who’ve successfully registered. Our teams truly add value here as our intimate understanding of the gaming customer means we are able to provide a warm introduction to the brand and explain any incentives. We also cleanse existing data held, including valuable intelligence (favourite sports, twitter address, gaming competitor preferences), thereby adding real qualitative information that helps with the retention of customers.

25% of customers are more likely to make a second bet following our welcome calls.

For those that have not played for sometime (up-to 120 days) we will also reinstate their activity by overcoming any objections they may have had through our insightful use of engagement and incentives.

This wraparound expertise has delivered Coral significant growth over the course of our partnership and Coral’s continued investment has allowed    Echo-U to become the UK’s No. 1 contact centre for gaming.

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Our customer contact expertise encompasses all channels
from pro-active live chat, social media to outbound acquisition and technical help.

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